Personal presentation is 75% of the interview

Most of your interview takes place before you speak the first word. Your interviewer is assessing many things from your personal presentation:

  • Do they take pride in their appearance?

  • Does their dress, grooming, and personal style demonstrate an understanding of who we are as a brand?

  • Does their body language indicate confidence and experience?

Fashion brands are built to inspire clients to adopt their brand message, vision, and aesthetic. Its therefore no mystery why personal presentation is important to employers. Here are some tips to ensure you present yourself in the best way possible.

  • Know the brand’s aesthetic. Every brand is different, therefore there is no universal guide for how to present yourself for every interview. So get to know their aesthetic by visiting their stores (what does the manager wear?), check out their website (what are the models wearing in editorial content?), and visit their Instagram page. You need to strike the right balance of formality, style, and creativity.

  • Details are everything.

    • Hair should be neatly groomed and clean. Facial hair should be trimmed or well shaven.

    • Nails should be clean and cut, or nicely manicured.

    • Clothes should be clean, wrinkle-free, and well-tailored. Shoes clean & polished.

    • Fragrance is great, but don’t over do it.

    • In general, makeup should be natural and minimal.

    • Consider your piercings - did anyone in their store have piercings?

  • Body language speaks volumes.

    • Stand/sit up straight.

    • Make consistent eye contact.

    • Show you are engaged and excited to be there (open arms, lean forward in conversation).

    • Smile! Show you are a warm, inviting, and positive person.

Wishing you luck! You will do great.