Our Mission at Brobston Group

By William Brobston

After spending 15 years in the fashion business, it became clear to me there was an opportunity to support industry hiring efforts. Turnover has increased, and most organizations have less time available for internal recruitment activities. In this time of industry transformation, hiring the right people is more important than ever. Having been a candidate and client of recruiters in the past, there are many opportunities on both sides – to build stronger relationships with candidates, and make better matches for clients.

In 2016 I set out to create a new solution – and Brobston Group was born. I started by building our team with professionals directly from the fashion roles we fill. We don’t hire professional recruiters and we never will. This way our team is more engaged with the industry, speaks the same business language as our clients, identifies personally with the candidates, knows what it takes to be successful in the roles, and understands the culture of our brand clients. Our team is part of the fashion industry, not the recruitment industry.

Next, we spend the time to get to know our clients well. We listen to their hiring challenges, understand their needs, and work within their schedule. We often act as their consultant, developing the right roles and team structures to maximize their business and achieve their overall objectives.

We spend considerable time and energy showing our candidates how important they are to us. We value their time, we listen to their stories, and we partner with them to strategize their future. And we work hard to keep them informed along the way.

The result has been an incredibly rewarding several years getting to know outstanding industry professionals and building partnerships with top luxury brands. We are lucky to be a small part of building careers and teams that propel the business of our clients forward.