Career Growth: How-to

While we all expect different things from our working life, at some point most of us are looking for advancement. I speak with many professionals looking to grow. I want to share some insights into building your path for growth, some successful and unsuccessful strategies, and when it might be time to make a change.

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5 Tips for a successful video interview

Have a FaceTime or Skype interview coming up? Here are a few quick tips for success:

  1. Setup your background, be sure it’s professional. The interviewer should be focused on you and what you have to say, not your living room decor or family photos…

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5-minute guide to having a great interview

Start by ensuring great personal presentation - read our article about this here. Then follow these tips:

  • Be punctual. Plan to arrive 5 minutes before the interview is scheduled.

  • Go prepared. Research the past and present of the company on their website and social media channels. Visit their stores…

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Personal presentation is 75% of the interview

Most of your interview takes place before you speak the first word. Your interviewer is assessing many things from your personal presentation:

  • Do they take pride in their appearance?

  • Does their dress, grooming, and personal style demonstrate an understanding of who we are as a brand?

  • Does their body language indicate confidence and experience?

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Our Mission at Brobston Group

After spending 15 years in the fashion business, it became clear to me there was an opportunity to support industry hiring efforts. Turnover has increased, and most organizations have less time available for internal recruitment activities. In this time of industry transformation, hiring the right people is more important than ever. Having been a candidate and client of recruiters in the past, there are many opportunities on both sides – to build stronger relationships with candidates, and make better matched for clients.

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